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Seaweed Supplements?

Has anyone tried the Sea Vegg supplement, or anything similar? I saw the infomercial this morning, and it has me extremely curious. When you hit 40, you start looking for any little edge.

LOL, havent tried it but ive heard the same infomercial playing in the background.

If it’s being sold on TV I am usually not sold on it. As far as seaweed, aka limu kohu as it’s called here in Hawai’i, it’s not a miracle food. It’s just another green vegetable to add to our variety of foods that would be a good choice to eat.

There’s a lab/farm in Kona that grows the stuff sold around the world as a health supplement. I guess you can say it takes adavantage of those who are looking for a new edge in life, even though it’s just a vegetable.

I don’t know about this product in particular but cold-water seaweeds are supposed to be rich in trace elements and other nutrients. Many of the greens formulations have some seaweed such as dulse in them.

What is the reason for this seaweed supplement? Is it to supplement your calcium? There is a product on the market called Shape which is made from food source calcium from Seaweed to supplement your calcium in a way your body will actual absorb it.