Seattle Workouts

Hey guys,
I just graduated from college and moved to downtown Seattle for work. I’m the kind of person that really needs to work out with other people to get pumped up…working out alone sucks. Any people/groups in the area looking for another person to join for workouts? I currently have a membership at the 24 hour fitness downtown but I’m willing to try another gym. Any Seattle T-Men/Women?

I belong to 24hr also. When I worked out downtown, I had my best luck making friends and finding a workout parter in the morning before work. The evenings there are too crazy.
I moved to north seattle so I go to the Lynnwood 24Hr now, and currently looking for a workout bud up there, mornings or evenings.

I have to workout after work (usually around 6-7) and it sucks in the downtown 24-hour at that time. Have to wait to use stuff and the people just suck. Not sure if that’s a 24-hour-fitness thing or a Seattle thing though(No offense Seattle people).

its a 24 thing. i used to work at one [houston] and the problems are the same. i worked out in the mornin, but when i was workin at night i’d damn near have to hit people to get to “share” equipment. loved the people i worked with though

I live walking distance from the downtown Seattle 24 Hour Fitness, and normally work out there at 10pm or so on weeknights after the rush (though it is still pretty crowded right until Midnight), and on weekends in the afternoon or early evening. I personally find Sunday early evening a great time to go, it is usually pretty dead. This week I have been going in early (8pm) and braving the crowds.

I have an “all clubs pass” and have been examining the other locations within a 10 mile radius (Bellevue, Kirkland, and West Seattle) and what burns me is that I like all of them better. For example, all 3 of those clubs have bumper plates for the power rack, and I have a few hammer strength machines that I like that downtown does not have but all 3 of those do have (the hammer strength dip is my favorite tricep builder.) Also, for us night owls, I think the crowds thin out at those ones a little earlier than downtown.

When I moved to Seattle a couple of years ago I did a pretty exhaustive search for a “real” gym, and as far as I could tell the closest thing is “Ironworks” in Bellevue. Small, cheap, not crowded, chains.

There was a “strongman” gym in downtown Seattle in one of the towers but it has been bought out and I’m told the new owners are not strongman friendly. In any case, good hours / availability is what’s important to me and my crazy schedule, and being a short walk from downtown 24 hr has made it worth braving the crowds.

Why don’t you PM me, maybe we can take this offline.


When I said that “maybe it’s just Seattle” that was with regards to the people sucking, not 24-hour fitness being packed. 24-hour fitness is like that no matter where you go. John K, I’ll shoot you a pm. Anyone else work out in the area?

The other peeve about all 24Hrs that gripes me is they’re the sloppiest gym I’ve ever been to. Any other gym has a ‘put it back where you got it’ policy. Nothing is said for new members there, and I’ve witnessed employees leaving weights on the Hammer strengths. Trying to keep a tempo going when you have to rearrange a rack to get to a 10-pounder sucks. I’ve asked the managers of Kirkland, Seattle, Lynnwood about this and they all don’t want to deal with it. Yet it’s not a problem at other chains. I personally leave whatever area I work out in order though nobody seems to care about daily cleanups. Does this bother anyone else?

People finishing with a station and then walking away leaving them loaded piss me off on a weekly basis.