My friend (huge Seahawks fan) and I (huge Viking fan are travellingm from the east coast, wife-less, to Seattle Sept. 27, 28, 29, 30 to see the Vikes-Seahawks Sunday night game. We’re staying at 400 Spring Street in downtown Seattle, I believe. Questions to anyone with knowledge of Seattle - Where is there some good nightlife, you know, clubs, bars, etc? Any good gyms that’ll allow out-of-towners a day pass? Any sights we shouldn’t miss? Appreciate the input.

Pioneer Square for the night life. About a block down, there is a whole block of bars. Pike Market for grub and shopping (especially seafood). On fourth, above Pike Market, there is the Claremont Hotel. I useto stay there and get a room with my own kitchen. I’d walk down to the Market, get food stuff and make my own breakfasts. Also, NE Broadway is a great place to hang out. And the Belltown District (along 1st) has been fixed up and is pretty cool to hang out at now, too. Oh and right by where the Kingdom was, is a pretty cool bar with a great selection of Scotch and Whiskey: FX McRory’s. (if I remember correctly, it’s been awhile and that night I definitely had my share of whiskey!). Does this help?

I meant “Kingdome” - not “Kingdom”. Sorry. Patricia :slight_smile:

Polly Esther’s Culture Club
332 5th Ave
The Showbox
1426 1st Ave
2 decent places

SEATTLE LIFE… now thats an oxymoron!

(go to Vancouver =] )