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Seatlle, Portland or Spokane T men/vixens

Hey guys, I am going on a trip organized by my university travel club to Portland, spokane and seattle. I was wondering if there are any t-folks out in these areas who would like to meet up with a Canadian T-man from Alberta. Part of the reason that I decided to go on this trip is because I would like to pick up some supplements that I can;t get in Canada(MAg10 etc) I would really love to meet some of the people that I’ve read on the forum and I would also like to have a native to the areas advice on where to buy my supplements. The trip is happening this weekend, so if anyone is interested let me know.Also for those Horny T-men(like there’s any other kind) there will be lots of hot university girls on this trip, and there;s nothing better than a Canadian girl on a cold winter night. haha, seriously though I would love to meet some t-men or vixens as the oportunity is really very limited where I’m from. I think I am the only one. Let me know.
:slight_smile: Groove

I am in Spokane at Fairchild AFB but I am going out of town this coming weekend. Let me know if you will be through again sometime.

Dude! Ko and I are in Portland, Oregon! Let us know when you’ll be passing through!

Patricia and I are in Portland. Let us know.

I also posted, but it did not show up. I work on Saturday, 5 am to 3 pm. If you are going to be downtown, stop in for brunch or just to say hi. I work at “The Heathman Restaurant” on SW Broadway, at SW Salmon street. I am usually to busy to take phone calls, but you could call the reservation line and leave a message with the hostess (make sure you call the restaurant, not the hotel).

Yeah, Groove, it was posted - but since Portland has it’s fair share of brew pubs, cafes and restaurants, we should all plan for a meeting place!

Go to www.portfolio.com/PatriciaSmith to get my contact info - Ike, you too! I have a great place for beer we could all meet at.

Dude, I can’t believe you’re pimpin’ Canadian girls for drugs (or pro-drugs anyway) :slight_smile:

I’m thinking that the MAG-10 will be pretty expensive to our under-valued currency.

Anyway, hope you’re gonna have fun.

Definitely meet up with ko and Patricia when you’re in Portland. Good folks. As for where to get the supps – Seattle Super Supplements is a good place. They carry Mag-10 and such in the Renton store (about 10 minutes northeast of SeaTac airport) at a decent discount. T2-pro and MD-6 too (if they still have MD-6). Do a Yahoo search for "Seattle Super Supplements and click on the first link. They have their locations listed with addresses (5 locations around Seattle). Hope that helps.

Hey brider, You live in Seattle. I would love to fill my weekend up with T-people. I am meeting up with Pat and Ko in Portland, and on Sunday I will be in Seattle. Are you going to be in town on Sunday? If so we should meet. Possibly you could show me a good gym to go to. Tell me what’s going on.
:slight_smile: Groove

Hehehe, well I got a girlfriend so they gotta be good for something. You live in Edmonton right? Would you like me to pick anything for you. MAybe some Mag 10 or some 4 AD EC? Just let me know before 4 on friday.
:slight_smile: Groove

Damn, that’s generous of you! Really! You have me REALLY thinking about it. But, I’m thinking that the MAG-10 will be just too expensive for us in Canada. Even if we bought a 4-pack and split it, it would be $100 bucks a bottle. I can currently get D-bols for $0.70 here, so if I were going to go with an androgen, it might as well be that. And I’m not ready for an androgen

Plus, I’m quite loyal to the Tribex, and I can already get that. Finally, when I win the methoxy, I won’t be able to use the MAG-10 anyway.

But, DAMN, man that was really generous of you to offer. Totally gutsy too, since I’m just a guy on the web. I mean, what if I were a cop trying to trick Albertans into smuggling for me? (Cause yes, I could be a cop with nothing better to do. Even though we have Hell’s Angels in our main tourist area)

Two problems – I’m booked up Sunday, and I workout at home. The only gyms in my area are the local Bally (I worked there for a while, sucks), and one that a local PLer works out at (the guy had a brain injury early in life, and he can’t add the numbers on the plates, so they color coded them for him). There’s also the YMCA in Auburn. Much better gyms in Seattle proper, but I really have no first-hand experience with them.

Hey El_Mac, do you buy your supplements in Edmonton or order them online? Just curious, I’ve used renegadenutrion.com in the past, just wondering if there is anywhere in Edmonton that sells Biotest at reasonable prices. (sorry to hijack your thread, groove)

brider: Ain’t there a Powerhouse in Bellevue? And I know there’s a Max Muscle up there, too. Right? I’ve work out at that Powerhouse, lots of good competitors have come out of that facility.

I gotta admit that I really don’t pay much attention to what’s out there in the way of gyms. Everything I need is at home, so I really don’t need to look. Probably should though, just for situations like these.

But yes, there is a “Powerhouse Fitness Center” in Seattle (15233 International Blvd, (206) 433-1555), and a Powerhouse Gym in Mukilteo (about 30 minutes north of Seattle, 11811 Mukilteo Speedway, (425) 348-4000). There’s several Gold’s Gyms in Seattle and the surrounding area. Other than that, I’d just be guessing.

Ok first to ElMAc, I tend to trust people from the T-mag forum because if your a T-man than honesty is part of your character. Plus your from Canada!! Do you know if the D0bol is legit for sure?? Yah damn exchange rate kills, however PAtricia mentioned that there is no tax in Oregon so that helps plus no duty to be payed to custom. I might pick some up anyways depending on what sort of price I can get.
Next, to Brider, it’s too bad you are busy on sunday. Oh well it is short notice. Maybe next time I am through the area.
:slight_smile: Groove