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Seated Shldr Press Bad 4 Back?


Ive heard this like it compresses something??




Car accidents are bad for your back.


yeah don't use anything other than the smith machine while you're at it.


Yeah its really bad for the back. It should only be done with the pink or blue dumbbells. Dont think about trying it with the green ones or your spin will shoot out your ass.


I find good mornings with 200% of my max to be bad for my back as well.


This is definitely a candidate for "The Most FLAMED post of the year"!!


I guess if you were to have a choice of seated over standing shoulder press seated would be worse for the back in the since that it doesn't allow the body to support the core as much as in standing shoulder press.

Usually standing movements are better vs. seated for core strength development which is good for your back.



Who the hell gave this post 5 stars???