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Seated Row

I’ve always used the old school ones but I’ve just started at a new gym and saw one of these. Has any one used one of these before


Yes. I liked it. I wouldn’t buy it (I own a small gym) due to cost compared to the old-school ones but I did like the freedom of movement.

Reinvented the wheel…

I would try it if my gym got one, maybe get a different “feel” on the back…

There used to be one of those at the gym i used to use regularly last year.

I have used it to try it out, not in a program. It is nice, has a natural feel and it is easy to feel a deep contraction across the lats.

Go for it, it is not one for “stacking” mind you, i would go 8-12 on that particular piece and go heavy on our favourites!!

decent machine. Is worth the time as a back machine if you happen to use them, wouldnt drop rack pulls, BB rows, Tbar or DB Row for it obv.


looks expensive.

Yea the gym i go to is full of this stuff, but we don’t have a squat rack!

Looking at there page they have everything on this page

Yet only 4 flat benchs 2 incline benchs and one decline bench.