Seated press and sumo deadlifts

I’ve access to a home gym but the roof is low, which rules out standing press. Is seated military press ok?

Also, I’m quite tall and wanted to do sumo as I’ve better form with it. My back rounds with conventional.

Are these two modifications changing the template too much? Or will I still get results if I apply these to the Anchor 2/3 day a week template.


You can apply 531 to any exercise and split. Thats the beauty of it…

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Seated Military Press is fine, and likely better for growth because of the extra stability allowing you to push more. Standing comes with a lot of it’s own benefits but ultimately it’s your individual goals that matter. As above said, 5/3/1 can be applied with any exercise. At it’s most basic form, it’s just a progression method for your main movements - which could be anything.