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Seated OH DB Press vs. Bench Press

hit a PR today
10 reps of 60lbs (each hand) seated overhead presses

always used 50lbs but tried 60 for the first time today and it felt good. i picked up the 70’s too but only got 4 up.

my bench is only at about 245lbs… last time attempted was 2 months ago

is there a ratio for this? bench/overheadpress

i rarely bench… rarely meaning once every two weeks. and when i do its for maybe 2 - 3 sets.

im thinkin overhead press should be like 85% of my bench?

haha boring/stupid question i know, but im starting to work on my pushes now instead of doing rows and pull ups all day.

My incline is about 85% of flat, overhead is 70%. I think it’ll depend how much you use your shoulders when you bench.

I dunno but that overhead press sounds a bit low to me, compared to your bench.