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seated half press-ripped rugged dense

anyone know how to perform this or where I can see a demo. I have no idea what it is, thanks. I’ve searched archives, no luck yet.

There are three ranges of motion in shich on can preform the seated half press. Each has it’s purposes. 1) Bottom range. If you perform the seated half press in the bottom half of the seated presses range, you are working mostly your delts. Dr. Squat recommends this as one of the better shoulder/delt exercises. If you work the top half the of range you shift the focus to triceps. A closer hand spacing is recommended here (search for some of the 5x5 routines). The third range of motion runs from the chin to just over the head and is great for pumping the delts, because you never release the tension. I hope this helps and Best of Luck.

Here is the description for the one to use in my article: