Seated Half Press as Assistance

So… im following an A/B split in which one day i squat/bench/row/tris and one day deads/ohp/pullup/bis… for tris im trying the seated half press in a power rack from pins 3x10 but was wondering if it would beat up my elbows more than lying extensions and in that case what to use for some needed size/strenght in the tris…

As assistance for bench… ?

Maybe google “Elitefts The Powerlifters Guide to Assistance Exercises & Training” to get a better understanding of the why/how of assistance movements.

Lying/standing extensions, skull crushers, Tate presses, JM Presses and the like are more likely to irritate your elbows then OHPs tho are worth a try if you don’t have a history of elbow issues.

Close grip bench is probably one of the more specific assistance movement you can do but if you already do plenty of flat bench volume you’ll probably be better off using another assistance movement to takes some strain off / save the pecs.

Carryover between OHP variations and bench is a bit contentious but on paper it looks a decent accessory/assistance lift: Overlap in muscle groups used and less chest involvement (pro or con depending on wut you want). Probably want to go to at least chin level on the presses to maximize work (the physics term: Force x displacement) and thus maximize the training stimulus. More weight is more fun but if it’s for assistance better to get in the work.

If you are already doing OHP on your other day I don’t see much benefit to doubling up on vertical pressing v horizontal pressing when you can just do more horizontal pressing assistance to load up the triceps to a greater degree or tricep accessories to be able to isolate them more and hit them with plenty of volume.

Weighted dips are great for bench/tris if you have the body for them i.e. your sternum doesn’t fracture when doing them.

There are a lot of close grip variations other than plain old close grip bench that you can try out, use one until you stall and then switch it up. I was doing slingshot cgbp for a while, now I’m doing 2 board cgbp which is actually surprisingly hard because it takes away the momentum you get from your chest and is all triceps. You could do a pin press version if you don’t have boards. Chains and bands are another option, can be combined with any other version. Close grip floor press, close grip incline, decline, and so on. I stopped doing tricep extensions because I was getting tendinitis but JM presses don’t bother me. Dips are another option.

As another option, I like a 75 degree close grip incline (elbows in, no flare) off pins set at chin height with a back arch. I use this as a max effort movement and as a supplementary (3-6 reps,with total reps 18-30).

Weighted dips are awesome if you can get proper position, as are JM presses off pins or off the floor.