Seated GoodMornings

Hey Gang,

I need a few exercise suggestions to work the lower back without working the hamstrings.

Would seated goodmornings and reverse hypers fit the bill? Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions are welcomed.


Seated good mornings are excellent for the lower back, although they will hit the hamstrings a bit.

This weeks T-Mag features an article by John Davies which shows a seated GM on the floor; personally, I prefer to do them seated on a bench, bending at the waist until my chest hits my kness.

If you have access, the Med-X low back machine, it is an excellent tool for low back stength, and will not involve the hamstrings at all.

For a movement what can be done sans equipment, you could try supermans; not the best choice, but will help for overall development if used in combination with the above.

Reverse Hypers are a pretty hardcore Hammie exercise. Back extensions on a Roman Chair would be a better substitution, although you’d still be looking at some glute-hammie stimulation. Try Back extensions on a Swiss Ball also. You could also use that Nautilus machine for back extensions. Hey, you asked:-)