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Seated GM's ?


Well, I started doing light rounded back work (this session I will deadlift 55 lbs,and the next I will deadlift 66lbs. I'm sooooo strong :smiley: ). My back feels better than ever... though after the first session I felt some (light) pain when sitting (iradiated from lower verterbraes...now it's gone). Also, I used to feel a BAD pain when bending my back for some time(washing my teeth...). Gone :slightly_smiling:

Now, I want to add some more movements (the lever extension sucks, and my hyper station also sucks).So I thought of the seated gm. Now, the question: am I supposed to bring my chest to the bench with a straight back, or is this done with a rounded back?

And which should I do first (as in the first few sessions- seated or standing GM's?)
Many thanks, Vlad


Seated GM's were described (with some decent pictures) in Exercises You've Never Tried #7:

I'd definitely keep those to straight-back only. Also, just be sure not to add too much direct low back work. They'll be getting a bunch of work from all the other big movements I'm sure you're doing (squats, deads, rows, pull-ups, overhead presses, etc.).

As for which movement to do first...it's toe-may-toe, toe-mahh-toe.


Well, I did the seated (found an article saying that they should be done before attempting rounded back standing GM's)... chest to the bench... felt weird...and hurt a little... Now my whole back is sore...and it feels better...MUCH MUCH BETTER than ever...no more pain no matter what I do...and I cand FEEL my erectors growing. :smiley:

Well, to make sure my back won't go bye-bye, every 4-5 training sessions I will take a week off, from back training(apart from the regular week off) and I think I will cycle betweend rounded back and arched back work...

Anyone got any suggestions to make sure I don't get injured?(I go with exrx here who say that the back gets fucked up by lack of adaptation/recovery time,etc, not lifting) (Minotaur welcome.Thx. btw, I didn't get the tomato part :smiley: )

A new goal BW seated GM for ten reps...and I will also start doing GM's (arched) regularly when bulking. And GM squats (the trainer says I lean too much...and I lean about 45 degrees. lol)
Strength, Vlad


Are you doing back hyperextensions??. They really isolate the erectors if done correctly, with pad at belly button. And if it bothers your back, position the pad at the xyphoid process, just at he rib cage.


Like I mentioned, I think it's important to look at the bigger training picture. What does the rest of your week look like? It will be important to balance direct and indirect back work, as well as balancing low back and ab work.

Is it just me, or wouldn't that limit you to just about no range of motion at all?? Plus, you'd just about be kneeling on the floor, or am I somehow picturing this differently?


I second the motion for back extensions with pad at the navel if at all possible. They're the single best lower back exercise you can do.

Are you sure that the new good feeling from doing all the arched work isn't just because you're stretching the low back? What did your flexibility program look like prior to all this?



  1. This means using my horizontal bench (my gym has a hyper bench where, at the top of the movement, your body is completelly paralel to the ground?

  2. lol. No stretching until now. You mean I am supposed to stretch the lower back? Seriously? I think starting to stretch my hams, gastrocs, glutes and hip flexors because of limited flexibility in deads and squats (have to round back to pick weight up).
    Thanks, Vlad


I think he is talking about a horizontal bench. (Like I think I said I have at my gym)
Strength, Vlad


Well, I said I'll keep a log on my progress with rounded back lifts... Well, I now do RDLs with 80 lbs, and my back is better than ever...NO back pain whatsoever, and my erectors started to grow a little. In a 2-3 weeks I'll use 90lbs ofr these. For some stupid reason, I "skipped" a training session or two and my back started hurting a little, though less than before. I guess mr. Nelson, Fleck, Falkel, Kraemer and others, are pretty much right...

My back usually feels great, pumped, sometimes burns (I read somewhere that lactic acid helps keep your tendons healthy...does this also mean my discs will be healthy? :smiley: )...

My goal for this year is to get 160x 10 rounded back on the RDL. I'll post some pics of my back when I get this. I might also start doing GMs and squats (and GM squats) (all with a straight back) in about two months. Anyway, rounded back work RULES. Any other suggestions on how to keep my spine healthy are welcome.
Strength, Vlad


Hmmm...I tried this, and, strangely, it seems to work,despite the short ROM. Too bad I can't do this on the hyper bench at my gym because my upper body is too light.


You want to do these for reps, 12-15. yes the ROM is very short. When you feel comfortable doing these, add weight, hold onto a plate or dumbbell. There is actually a lift assist harness you can buy for this movement when you get up to heavier weights and use an olympic bar.


I might... but right now I've just fallen in love with deads, and will start doing them from a deficit. :smiley: Deads rule. Can't wait to do straight back deads again. (after I get the 160x10) I guess that if I also train some legs, I should get well over 250 when doing straight back.
Thanks, Vlad


1) Yup.

2) Yes, you should probably stretch your lower back some. If you work it a lot and don't stretch it, it'll get tight just like any other muscle group. Keeping your abs strong and keeping the other muscles you mentioned at an appropriate level of flexibility are important too.