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seated external rotation

Can someone please tell me what this is? It is part of one of the routines in Chad Waterbury’s recent “Build a great chest is six weeks” article. I have searched and found some things that it could be but I am still unsure.

thanks much

there is an explanation (and illustration) is this article

Sit sideways on a preacher/Scott bench. Elevate your upper arm to 90-degrees abduction with your hand (and the DB) facing the ceiling. Lower the weight forward while keeping your elbow in place on the bench and maintaining the 90-degree flexion in your elbow. The external rotation is the motion of returning the DB to the starting position; think of it as rolling the humerus/biceps away from the body.

The version that DD90 pointed out is simply a variation on the one I described. There are actually dozens of ways to do external rotations.

Refer to my Outlaw Strength and Conditioning article for pics/descriptions.