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Seated Cleans

I’ve read that doing seated hang cleans, seated cleans, or something like this is a good way to pack on meat to your traps and upper back. However, I have never heard of these before and have no clue how to perform them. Could someone please explain. Thanx!!

How do you get the dumbbells up to your shoulder level for seated dumbbell presses. Do you clean them then sit down? Do you have you training partners hand them to you? Do you curl them up while seated and them do your presses? Or do you bend slight forwarded at the waist with your feet braced against the floor, pull through your back and shoulders with your eblows out to the sides. Move your body to the upright and then quickly forward again as you get under the dumbbells and straighten up with the dumbbells in position to press? The last one was the correct answer for seated dumbbell cleans.
Try a search, there might be a better description with pictures somewhere.
Best of Luck.

Personally, I wouldn’t hold very heavy weights when sitting. That position flattens your lower back and makes easy to injury yourself. At least, sit on a high bench, with your legs making an angle not more than 45? with the vertical line. You might try some sort of dumbbell shrugs, but if you want to pack on traps, there are other better ways… just read articles by C. Thibaudeau in the last few months at T-mag.