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Seated Cable Rows

OK, this is kind of a silly question. I hope you can help.

For seated cable rows, you can change the attachment of the grip. I’ve seen people (without exception) ONLY use the standard close grip attachment (the one shaped like an A).

I, for varience, like to change the grips I use - a range of widths from the standard narrow A-grip right up to shoulder width sometimes with palms facing down, sometimes with palms facing each other. My question is:

  1. Which part of the back does the wide and narrow grips target? I suspect the narrow grip targets the “inner” back / traps and the wider grip targets the “outer” back / lats?

  2. Which part of the back does the palms facing down and the palms facing each other target?

I told you it was silly.

I too change my grip a lot on the seated row, its oneof my favorite mach. As far as what targets what, a wide grip will target the inner back because your elbows will tend to move inward under full contraction. A shoulder width grip will hit the lats the hardest due to the elbows staying in line w/ your hands, while keeping your hands in the same spot but using an under hand grip will hit the lats lower. A close grip pulled into the upper abs/lower chest will allow your elbows to travel out putting more stress on the outer back.

As far as hands facing one another, this allows you to drop your elbows down where hands on top of the bar forces your arms out away from your sides hit higher in the back/rear delt/trap area.

w/ all the possible movements, you can see why this is a great mach.

Guru X

it doesnt matter. just change it often. this falls into the category of minutia.