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Seated Cable High Rows


Ater switching gyms i have had access to different machines i never used before.

One of these is a seated cable high row. I have heard others on this board talk about this machine and i always had the impression it was a lat width exercise mainly.I decided to try it out for a finisher on back day...... 3x high reps (12-20 i believe) and as i was using it i felt ALOT of upper back in the movement.

Today traps and rear delts are very sore (i did deadlifts aswel though) and middle back too.

So is it dependant on body structure what muscles this hits? Im 5"8 around 200lbs btw :slight_smile:


Two things:

1) The seated cable row can be used to "target" or emphasize different parts of the back depending on your grip (pronated/supinated/neutral), the handle (close/wide), and also on where you actually pull in to (neck/nipple/upper abs/navel/hips).

2) The simple fact that you worked the exercise for 3x12-20 is most likely be the reason those particular muscles are sore, especially if you haven't trained that type of movement or those muscles with higher reps for a while. For a better idea of where the exercise will hit you, try just subbing it into your current routine in place of whatever type of rowing you're already doing.