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Seated Behind-Neck BB Shoulder Press


From what I read they are a great exercise if you don't go to low.

I have always done them on the Smith Machine though.

Do most of you do them on the SM also?


I've done them standing, seated, and in the smith. Great exercise if your built for them. I like to do these for a higher rep range, with a wide(r) grip in the smith.


i normally don't have a spotter. a power cage would have been the best but my gym doesn't have any.

We do have a squat rack with pins though, maybe its possible to do my Shoulder Presses in there?



I actually do a lot of standing presses. To the front though. These are the King of upper body pressing exercises. That's another thread though :slight_smile:




They are great for building shoulder strength. That being said you gotta be careful because the risk of injury is higher.
(again) That being said, dont be a pussy, lift em hard and heavy. Your shoulders with thank you.


i agree with dixiesfinest, i've found out that seated bb shoulder press is good for building strength. I like doing it behind the neck too, because i feel it involves the posterior deltoid a little more. Also, i don't want to say it's better than standing, but seated allows you to put on more weight.