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Seasonal eating

Does anyone here eat seasonally? I think seasonal eating now would involve - not much. In my area 100 years ago canned things from the garden, coarse flower, and salted meats were about it, and much less was eaten in the winter than other times of the year. For me, winter has always been a bulking time, especially since the cold outside limits my recreation and makes me feel all cozy and strong and fat, and can’t forget the holidays.

I try to avoid heavy dieting in the flu season. It’s a great time to bulk as you stay warmer, get more vitamins, aren’t lowering your immune system, etc… I also enjoy running in nice weather, so I tend to do more cutting starting in spring. It’s just about emphasis, though, not absolutes.

Clintpatty, what part of Alabama do you live in?

well, maybe not take it to that extreme, but a good question is what time of year would be best for what type of training. Cutting in the winter and bulking in the summer? that souns natural to me. but then again, if you’re fat in the summer, then you don’t need to bulk lol.

Honestly, my wallet dictates how I eat these days and not the seasons.

Although there’s a correlation with me being poor in the summer, so it’s cutting season, and having money in the fall when university starts, which leads to fat gains again.

Whoever thought nature and economics could work together?

Oops, I should have said strength/speed gains for the fall.

Pizza’s my elixer, when I can afford it :slight_smile:

I am a winter fatty

…It helps my top speed on the ski hills :wink:

Sandman, near Huntsville.

i eat the same way all year long.