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Season of Learning


I move in this Friday. Finally starting college at Colorado School of Mines. Pretty damn excited. Anyone else here just starting or continuing college?


You're going to die in a puddle of your own vomit. Don't worry, it's fun.


You don't have to be in school to learn, a wise person would know that they know very little.

But yes, I just transferred to the Uni of Florida to finish up my bachelors degree. Junior year now, 2 left, then graduate school. Oh joy.


I guess it's better than dying in the puddle of someone else's vomit.


starting my 11th year in college. Switched majors from mechanical to materials (metallurgy) engineering between bachelors and masters, should finish my PhD by the end of next summer if not earlier...

colordo school of mines was my 2nd choice for my masters but i went with missouri-rolla.

Just remember to get good / great grades your first 2 years, after that your GPA really wont change so make it a high 3.something now so when classes get really hard you arent trying to pull straight A's.


Good tip. Especially since I considering to try to go for a 5 year Master's in Nuclear Engineering there and need a least a 3.0 to be in the program.


Yep, I am going back to school in January for 4 Physical Therapy prereqs.

I have been in corporate health promotion for 5 years and hate it!

$ is good, but I'm tired of chasing a paycheck and dealing with people who know they are killing themselves but don't care.

I'm 32 and will be going back to school with a wife and baby.

I've learned $ can't be the only drive. Fulfillment is what I'm striving for with this career change.

Best of luck to you!


Thank you.