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Season change affecting energy

It’s getting hot here, boiling up to around 90 degrees and up.

Im usually energetic, pumped, ready to go. Now, that it’s hot, im so fricken tired, no pumped up energy.

I drink a tonn of water through out the day, so I know it’s not dehydration, my nutrition is better than ever before, but I feel like crap.

I want to get back to my pumped up self.

Any suggestions?

Take your shirt off.

Don’t make me come up there and kick your ass! Just kidding. In pa. we’ve had cold gloomy weather for over a month. I think it was 30 out of 35 days of rain or overcast skys with very little sun. It’s also been unseasonbly cold here. Enjoy it!

I know the feeling man, doing construction for a living has me outside doing heavy work. Here in Indiana it reaches the 90’s w/high humidity quite ofted in July and August. I think its your body trying to keep from overexerting and therefore overheating. On a side note the leaner I am the more energy I have when its hot. I’ve read something before about when your veins are closer to the surface of the skin, your blood cools better. Dunno makes sense.

Sounds like my gym. Training is a bitch sometimes. And I do go shirtless just to keep myself from becoming drenched in sweat. Read the “No Pump Chump” article by Lonnie Lowery. Good stuff and may help you out.

Make sure you are getting adequate carbs in addition to staying hydrated. I was feeling the same way as you after dieting down and doing my conditioning program. I feel much better now that I’m on a mass program, eating more and not doing as much GPP, especially with my gym as hot as it is during the summer.

MENTAL, that is it, bro in my eyes fatigure is a mental thing, as if your brain goes then so will your body. Get it on bro, it is summer, that should be more than enough of a reason to train like a savage, I get my best lifts in when it is hot as hell, and I am sweating like a maniac. Right now we are having a little cold spell, and I am pissed, cause I have to cover up to keep warm, this however works too, as that anger leads to great lifts. J

I will take all your suggestions.

However, now im feeling fatigued and sick.