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Season 2 Of 'Walking Dead'


First photo


Awesome. Was just telling some people about this show yesterday. Starts on Halloween like last season, right?





love this show and all things zombie


Ok, I see where your heart really is...


I'm a big vampire fan too... I have seen all the Twilight movies afterall...




I guess i feel in love with zombie films cuz it was so cool back when I was a kid to see dawn of the dead.
the Romero classic not the sarah polley ving rhames bullshit



Lyndsay Lohan is in Walking Dead? Why so glum Lindsay?


Awesome. Plus I'll have Breaking Bad soon too!


Looking all good :slight_smile: Can't wait...


I hope that they follow the comic closer. The best part about it was not the zombies, they were just a catalyst, but how fucked up everything and everyone gets as the story arc continues.


Can't Wait! TM Bart Scott


I just died a little inside.


Zombie-sense...tingling. Someone must be talking shit about the Dawn of The Dead remake.

That just can't be though....considering how FUCKING AWESOME that movie was.


LOL! ^^


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I cannot wait, its zombie stuff the formula is always the same but for me at least it never gets old, that whole idea of basically the whole world ending except for a few lucky (er unlucky) scares the crap outta me.

While I love the classic dead movies, the ving rhames remake was the tits! Land of the dead not so much.


I agree. I watched just because it was a Zombie show, but was dissapointed.