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Searching for John Davies in Canada


Look no further....John Davies WILL be here in Canada.

I have officially invited John Davies to Toronto to put on one of his "legendary" workshops.

Let see a show of hands for those interested.



Count me in! It'd be great to see you North of the border John.



What is this event about?, When is it happening?...Answer those two questions and IM THERE!!!!



Cost will probably be my deciding factor, but I would love to be there.


Ok, heres the details...

It will be on September 24th and John has told me that the cost is $250 Canadian.

Yep, that is NOT a typo! $250.00 for 6 hours of hardcore training.

Make sure I have your email for more details.




In case you haven't heard John Davies is coming to town on September 24th. It promises to be a workshop like you've never seen.

John will show you how to become faster, stronger and last longer in anything you do.

Check out some of his writings on: http://www.renegadetraining.com/john_davies.html

He has made it affordable for everybody to attend. At $250 Canadian for a full day of training it would be silly to miss it.

Just make sure I have your email address and I will include you in on further details.

Jay Styles


I'm out I'm afraid. I will be in Europe. Perhaps you could give T-Nation an overview of the day? A small review or something? Hopefully next time I can be there.


I would so love to check this out, but it just doesn't fit in with the many other things happening at this time.

Maybe you can have him come to Seattle next. :slight_smile:


if I had only known...I get to your area quite a bit. Oh well - thanks for the interest.

In faith,



Finally hes coming up to the 'Great White North'!



Coach, I have no idea how many T-Men and Vixens are in the Seattle area. I only know of two for sure. But it would be cool checking out one of your seminars if you ever throw one together in Seattle or Vancouver BC.


I'm in Seattle.

Currently training at the Ballys in Eastgate...


Perhaps this could be worked through the Crossfitnorth folks who run a great gym out of Magnusson Park in Seattle. I will drop 'em a note. They have sponsored many seminars in the past. It would be great to have you our here.





For the record, I am in Vancouver, BC, and used to be in Seattle, WA.


I'll seriously try to arrange something in the Northwest. I'm in the Seattle area quite often and definitely get up to Whistler quite often during boarding' season.

Talk with you all soon.

In faith,



The register link is now available.

[EDITED: Space is now full]

Space is limited so register to secure a seat and avoid disappointment.



Do you happen to know where exactly in Toronto, I might be able to work it in my schedule.....Thanks George


It will be centrally located with accessible public transportation.



hey, i am a high school student and i just started lifting. would it benefit me to go to coach davies seminar.