Searching for Jerry Telle's Book

I’m looking for a book Jerry Telle titled TELLEKINETIC. Is there anyone here who knows where such a book can be purchased in paper or electronic version?,
Thank you in advance for your help

About 5 years ago, I spent some time looking for information on Tellekinetics. I didn’t find much.

When I looked again today, I found more mentions than I expected. He seems to have published a lot of articles on the now defunct Dolfzine site. Apparently, you can still read these articles if you can get access to an internet archive of Dolfzine material. But I can’t tell you how to do that. He also had a T-Nation article published (1999), but the full article no longer seems to be available.

Based on a couple of posts in message boards from long ago, I think the book was actually called “Beyond 2001”, and was (perhaps) never finished or published commercially. He may have sold early drafts of the book to a few people before he gave up. There was also a video tape that he sold.

Looks like it was a self published manual of some kind…