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Searching for a Workout Program

Hi guys,

for the last 2 months i did this template and it worked very well

now i want to loose fat and im going to do the velocity diet.
Can i continue with the Dan John template or is there any other workout template you could recommend me.

it should be about 3 or max. 4 times a week

thanks very much

If you could fit it into your schedule maybe Dan johns one lift a day workout would be my choice personally.

Follow the training plan that’s included in the V-Diet. It’s 3 days of lifting, daily walks, and one bodyweight conditioning day.

But if you just finished the mass-building plan, I’d aim to hold the weight and maintain for at least a month or two before turning a hard 180 with cutting. Out of curiosity, how much size and strength did you gain these last two months?

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I`ve successfully finished it and i am looking noch for a new workout template, ive got one idea

Day A
hang clean and press 5x10
Squat 5x10
Dumbell oder barbell row 5x10
bench press 5x10
Face pulls 3x15
Farmers Walk 3x time

Day B
hang clean and press 5x10
Deadlift 5x10
Pull ups 5x10
Dips 5x10
Face pulls 3x15
farmers walk 3x time

schedule like
day A
Day B
and again

i am a little busy this times and do not have more time for working out just 2 times a week

Finished what, the V-Diet like I suggested against? Or did you do something different?

Still wondering how much size and strength you gained in 2 months of the “10 secrets” routine?

And, if you did the V-Diet, what progress did you see?

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with lifting just twice a week, but the program needs to be well-designed. What you wrote… is not.

The time ive done the dan John template i did not gain wheight, but it had strength gains:

Flat bench press from 5x100kg to 3x110kg and 10x100kg
Squats from max 10x100kg to 10x120kg
Romanian deadlift from 70kg to 90kg
Clean and Press from 17.5 kg to 25kg dumbbells
But in the last weeks with increasing wheights the recovery was Not enough
The velocity Diet was Not much successull and i had a cold the last two weeks and the week before i was in Holidays so i had 3 weeks without working out.

May ve it is an option doing the dan John template just twice a week?

Strength progress is good, but if you didn’t gain weight during the “10 Secrets to Building Mass” routine, then it did not work very well. And it did not work very well because you ate too few calories.

Dan John has a program specifically designed to be done twice a week.

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