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Searching for a Split, 2-3 Exercises Per Workout?

Is there a powerlifting split program 4-5 days a week with only 2-3 exercise per workout?
I’m a big fan of compound exercise, I just want to focus to increase my RM on all lift like deadlift, bench, squat and ohp

My current Split :

Day 1 : Squat Session
Barbell back squat 5x5
One leg squat 3x5
Leg Press 4x6

Day 2 : Bench Session
Flat bench 5x5
Close grip bench 3x6
Chest dips 4x6

Day 4 : Deadlift Session
Conven deadlift 5x5
Rack pull 3x5
Bent over row 4x5

Day 5 : OHP Session
OHP 5x5
Barbell shoulder press 3x6
Machine shoulder press 4x6

I know it seems too much, so now I’m searching for powerlifting split 4 day a week with 2/3 exercise per workout

U want powerlifting or you want an OHP day?

I’m totally into powerlifting, but if theres a program that have OHP session, it’s much better

Any of these work very well…

thanks bro! number 3 is what I’m looking for

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That doesn’t make sense for powerlifting since OHP is not a competition lift. Some overhead pressing can help your bench, but having a whole day dedicated to it would be like having a chin up day. Better to bench twice a week.

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I think by ‘powerlifting’ OP just means that he wishes to train in a fashion that improves his static barbell lifts, moreso than other goals.

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I have noticed that most guys will lump anything that is strength related as powerlifting . Which I assume the op is doing.