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Searching for a Bench Pressing Video


first time poster, long time reader.

I saw this video ages ago of five people bench pressing, one doing the actual benching, two on either side lifting the barbell, one standing over the bench presser upright curling the bar and the other on the end assisting by doing a variation of barbell rowing. the video showed him doing drop sets i think, with the two guys removing a plate as he finished a set.
I'd appreciate any help.



So... You're looking for a video of someone benching, with spotters, who strip the weight off after the end of the set?

hmmm... I think I know the one out of the 300,000 there are on the internet that you're looking for...


i lol'd


Funny. This should become a "caption contest" style thread.


From our good man Enrac-

May not be the one you were looking for but I thought it was funny.