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Sean Sherk in Aprils Flex Magazine!

Aprils Flex has a 6 page article on Sean Sherks (Current UFC lightweight champ) lifting routine in it. Anyone who hasnt seen his physique, go to http://www.myspace.com/seansherk or www.seansherk.com - he’s huge for a 155lber!

hes usally more around 175-185 I think he has to be very very strict in how he cuts weight to get to 155 and is VERY dehydrated at that for the weigh ins, very impressive though.
I have the same type of frame as him being 5’6 and kinda wide, but he DWARFS me and I weigh 191, lol

Thanks for the heads up

Im 5ft 7, walk at 163, fight at 152lbs… im hanging for this article, im in Aus so i gotta get a copy especially imported - prob cost me about $15US…

[quote]sjfou wrote:
Aprils Flex has a 6 page article on Sean Sherks (Current UFC lightweight champ) lifting routine in it.[/quote]

Yeah, um, about that…I’d take it with a grain of salt or three.

While Sherk has a solid physique, I can’t help but expect the routine in Flex to be about as accurate as all the other “pro bodybuilder’s” routines often written about.

Still, it’ll be interesting to see what’s said.

I just picked up the issue, just to share the routine with y’all. (So somebody here owes me $5.99…ha.)

Monday and Thursday: Arms
Superset 1:
BB curls 6x6-8
Lying tri extension 6x6-8

Superset 2:
Alt. DB curls 4x8-10
Tri pushdowns 4x8-10
Preacher curl 4x8-10

Tuesday and Friday: Back and Shoulders
Superset 1:
Machine t-bar rows 6x8-10
Seated military press 6x8-10

Superset 2:
1-arm DB rows 4-8-10
Seated DB press 4x8-10

Superset 3:
Close-grip pull-ups 4x8-10
Side laterals 4x8-10

Wednesday: Chest
Decline Hammer Strength press 6x8-10
Incline Hammer Strength press 4x8-10
Incline DB press 4x8-10
Flat DB press 4x8-10
Pec-deck flye 4x8-10

Saturday: Legs
Kettlebell swings 6x12-20
Deadlift 6x8-10
Seated leg press 4x8-10
Leg extension 4x8-10
Lying hamstring curl 4x8-10

Superset 1:
Adductor machine 4x20-30
Abductor machine 4x20-30

Superset 2:
Standing calf raises 4x10-15
Seated calf raises 4x10-15

It says in the interview:

[quote]His routine, six days a week: wake up, head to the gym for an hour of martial arts work, home for an hour or two, then back to lift for an hour before finishing up with either bleacher runs, swimming, sprints or distance work on an elliptical machine.

…When he grapples, he rotates opponents every five minutes to keep them fresh…bleacher runs are timed, in five six-minute intervals (one minute more than each of the five five-minute rounds in a UFC championship fight), with one minute of rest in between…

…weight training is done with a heart rate monitor attached to make sure he keeps his heart rate at around 140…with rest periods ranging from 60-90 seconds.[/quote]

That’s it. Interestingly, no mention of training abs, grip work, or neck. (cue my sarcastic “gasp, gasp, and gasp!”)

They also say he’s 5’6", 180 pounds, and he fought Florian (and won the title) with a torn right rotator cuff and a torn right bicep.

The best part of the article, I think, is where he says that he kept a glass case over his fireplace mantle for six years, knowing that eventually he’d have a championship belt to put there. Talk about daily motivation? That kinda beats a note on the bathroom mirror or a picture on the fridge.


He was a great high school wrestler here.

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