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Sean O'Hare from WWE in K-1

Anyone see that Sean O’Hare from WCW/WWE fame is now fighting in K-1? I think I’m going to buy the next K-1 PPV (a first for me) just to see how he does.


i was wondering what happened to that guy . so you say that he is now participating in k1 . i’m more of a fan of pancrase and ufc . none the less it should be intresting .

End of the month in Vegas.

I saw Sean fight in Rumble on the Rock a few months ago. That dude is big and strong (there is no doubt about that), and I know it was his first pro fight, but he looked sloppy and slow. He has a good base to work from, but he needs to sharpen his act up from what I saw. He still has a shitload to learn.

I guess there’s no drug testing in K-1 either!

Musashi destroyed him recently. He is a tough guy, been a martial artist all his life (owns his own dojo), is a really big guy and athletic, but needs to show something soon for him to have an MMA future.

Personally, myself and most wrestling fans were puzzled as to why WWE never did anything with him, considering a) they produced many well-made vignettes to introduce him b) even gave him Piper as a manager and c) he is a huge guy with the freaky body Vince McMahon loves and d) he has talent.

He might need more development but he’s marketable as hell.

likewise i’m surprised mcmahon didn’t use him.

i woulda loved to see o’haire come in a take the title from freakin hunter hearst…

but i’m also interested to see him do well in k1 etc.

Well, I hope he does well in K-1 too. Because, if he doesn’t, he can forget about ever going back to the wrestling business in the future.

Bad shootfighters = don’t get signed, ESPECIALLY resigned. It KINDA makes the wrestling business look bad.

Look at all of the wrestler vs boxer matches. Ali vs Inoki, Andre the Giant vs many different boxers, etc. The guys were always legit badasses who were not walking out of these ‘shoots’ with an ass whipping. They were expected by their peers and their bosses to win, and knew a lot of old school carny tricks to make sure they lived up to it if need be.

The one exception to this has been Bart Gunn vs Butterbean. Bart Gunn got knocked the fuck out with a quickness, at WrestleMania no less. What’s the last thing you remember about Bart Gunn? Him being knocked the fuck out most likely. What’s he done since.

Long story short- O’Haire better be living in gyms and dojos at this point. Anything less and he’s going to piss any and all talent he has away for good.

Saw the match last night vs Musashi on PPV, its called k1 Dynamite and it was their New Years show.

O’Haire was arrogant and came out swinging wildly all thru the 1st round, connecting only on a few. He started gassing towards the end, and once the 2nd round started, he gassed out big time. Musashi calmly waited for an opening, and KOed him.

O’Haire, in his defense, looked like an amateur. Just the way he carried himself, the way he threw strikes, on a kick boxing show it was obvious he was a beginner.

So give him time is what I’m saying.

Good show btw, I recommend it.

He’s fighting Gary Goodrich not good. I don’t see him beating Goodrich. Gary is one of the toughest, strongest (650lb Bench-Arm Wrestling Champ-UFC Fighter)guys around.