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Sean Connery's a Total Fraud!


Did you hear his accept in entrapment?! A little bit off from the norm.


His denture cream might've been wearing out; he's older than dirt!


All you need to know about Sean Connery's acting ability in 42 seconds:

Brilliant accent work in Highlander, as well.


You mean when he accepted Catherine Zeta Jones?!?!


I totally forgot he was in Entrapment. Seriously was he in this movie?

All I remember was Zeta-Jones' derriere and the Petronas Twin Towers.


"You know it and I know it; I'm Sean Connery, you're lucky I'm in this piece of shit movie now lets get on with it!"



Connery is the man!I grew up watching him as James Bond. He was badass in the man who would be king aswell with Michael Caine.


Connery on left.


Ha that is gold!especially the untouchables bit.meant to be Irish cop on the beat..ah fcuk it ill keep my normal accent it'l be grand.


My gf wants to fuck this dude so bad...sometimes she makes me do an accent while we fuck.....


Some people, like Craig Ferguson and others, may have done a good Sean Connery accent.....but the guy on the right in that picture has really done Sean Connery.

My mom would hate me for that. My first name is Sean (really) because of her love for him!




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You shut your face!...slaggin' James Bond n' shit. Fucking devastating judo chop to the neck man, lethal...

Ferguson does have a point though.


"... we shail into hishtory!"



Link to the full video of your avatar?