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Sean Connery....Random Facts


I'm doing on of those "Random Fact" things for my site for Sean Connery. Maybe you guys (and girls) can give a few additions.....

Here are some already on:
-Sean Connery held a convention in his honor called SeanCon. It was a giant orgy with him and 200,000 women

-Sean Connery can jump off his head twenty times before dying.

-Sean Connery invented the Brittish accent.

-Sean Connery is the man now, dog

-Sean Connery competed in the 1950 Mr. Universe. He walked on stage with his Bond Tuxedo on and said "I'm SEAN CONNERY HONKIES!" He was won every year, even though he didn't participate

-Every white hair on Sean Connery's beard represents a woman he has de-virginized.

-Sean connery is made up of 20% water, and 6% Bashtard


Scottish accent


invented his own accent entirely i think.

i wonder if the spelling of his first name confused him, and as such he always pronounces an S as SHHH

SHHHertinly shheemshh shomewhat shatisfactory

top bloke, but just ripping off the chuck norris stuff isn't that clever is it

The only russian submarine captain with a shhhhcottish accent

and the only immortal spanish peacock with a scottish accent. Very versatile is out Sean :wink:


Sean Connery is paid 1.3 Million dollars every year from the Scottish AND English governments as a royalty on his accent.


Sean Connery is EVERYONE'S daddy


Sean Connery is actually an immortal Egyptian who used a Spanish and now Scottish name. The whole Highlander film was based loosely on his life.
In reality, Sean Connery is the one.

The sound of Sean Connerys voice has been known to cause spontaneous orgasms in women.

When Sean Connery wears a kilt, he wears it regimental and the ground beneath him trembles.



if he asks a woman "who?s your Daddy" it?s somehow redundant...


"feel the shhhhtag, it'shhh heart beating"


I think that this is already being done, and it's already over. Plus, you never know when chuck norris just might see your website and hunt you down. I wouldn't mess with it :smiley:


you need help. Some of these are total crap. Jump off his head?


"Hagisssh? What isssh haggissh?"



Sean Connery was the man before Chuck Norris had a beard.

Sean Connery gave Chuck Norris the gift of beard. (for doing some lawn work...)


Sean Connery went home and fucked the Prom Queen!


Sean Connery knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.
When life gives Sean Connery lemons, he kills a SPECTRE agent with them.


Sean Connery has fathered every James Bond that has been or ever will be via time machine.

Sean Connery takes anti-testosterone pills because otherwise he'd explode. He's just too much man.

Sean Connery did not audition during the casting of Dr. No. He sent in a picture of his penis and was hired immediately.


Sean Connery had some fast falls with Pussy

Sean Connery appealsh to her maternal inshincts.


Adding quite a bit of these. NICE JOB GUYS!


Sean Connerry did dicover the cure for the plague of the 20th century. However it involved stirring vodka martinis so he let it go.


This is the best I could come up with:

Sean connery was originally slated to play bond in octopussy, but broke his contract after finding out the script said nothing about a love scene with eight women.