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Sean Connery 3rd Place Mr. Universe


He looks OK. Bill Pearl kicked his ass. Maybe it's because Connery trained to failure?



That's something not many people know.


Sean said he came out of the military pretty "fit"
and decided to pursue it a bit (publicity didnt hurt)...You could do that sort of thing back then...Here he beez'...


And the full shot of the one used in the webpage....


is he the 4th one from the left or the 5th?

too bad "jacked" nowadays wasnt still the 1st and 2nd guys from the left...


How come Sean Connery isn't listed here:



because it's the wrong year. 1953 was the date of the contest



Shows him in 6th place.


Does anyone else think it would be fair to say that Connery didn't even seriously work out with weights to get in this contest?

With good genetics, some time spent dicking around with a 100lb weight set, and some not-very-intense bodyweight stuff his physique could be achieved with very little effort.


He is the 4th from the left.


I wouldn't say very little effort. I am sure he ran hard and pushed himself a bit.


In comparison to what you'd need to do even to seriously get up on stage for any competition these days. He probably didn't think about macro-nutrients at all or lift weights so heavy his face goes red, all the veins in his neck pop out, and his eyes turn into red, demon eyes. I'm sure he made some effort. Just not much.


Dont forget the height factor, guys! Sean is a tall man and it's no secret how difficult it is to mass up that type of frame, especially for an onstage visual comparison (and again, he was recentky "de-mobbed" from the military). He must have been quite impressive in person, I'm sure a ton of friends were telling him "you look as good or better than those lot"...

If you look at him in the film "Dr. No", especially in the beach scenes with beautiful Ursula Andress (a tall woman) Sean's lookin' "above average buff", even by todays standards, but no Steve Reeves (both were disgustingly handsome bastards though, Sean had the vocal skills & talent going for him over Reeves, whose real voice was a bit "Mike Tysonish")...


Those two dudes clearly look more like they were doing more traditional ironwork by their builds alright. Don't forget, the "20 inch arms barrier" was just being broken by Leroy Colbert. Cats like Nubret, Zabo and Gironda stood out because of how shredded they looked in comparison back then IMHO...


Wow. That's impressive?


i have some newfound respect for 007


Well one of those 2 dudes was Bill Pearl. The rest look like normal people who jog, play basketball at the YMCA, and belong to a bike club: normal healthy people. Nubert stands out because he has a timeless physique of jackedness, symmetry, and leanness.

Now here's something to ponder. If you think more highly of Sean just because he did some lifting before he hit the steam room, please tell me you're all impressed with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.


Those guys all look just fine...


You're not implying the Nubret picture comes from the same era as the line up with SC in it, surely?


NoNoNo, my friend! Just using it as an example! The widespread use of milk, IMO is what kept the "smooth" look standard until those mugs started to experiment with low fat/carb diets...Not trying to misrepresent!...