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Sean Avery Suspended Indefinitely


What do you guys think of this?

I've always hated the guy but he's a good hockey player when he wants to be.


I have always hated the guy too and I am glad to see he was suspended. I hope Dallas sends him down to the AHL or just buys him out. He disrupts every locker room he is in.

Red Wings / Kings / Rangers and now the Stars.

His comments are funny on the playground. Not on camera. LOSER!


He is an idiot and had it coming.


Agreed, this guys a joke I'm glad hes suspended. I hope he gets what he deserves.


I don't know much about the guy, so maybe he's had a lot of other problems, but I don't think he deserved to be suspended for that comment. Guys can get in fistfights on the ice and there's no problem, I don't understand how a comment like this can get someone suspended.


What kind of representation is that of his team?
He is a grown man and should understand that stupid comments like that on national TV are not going to be taken well.


A suspension like that is rediculous. His statement was one of the most innocuous things I've ever heard.

Who cares if you like him or not. Saying you agree with the suspension because you don't like him as a person is prissy and immature.

This guy is getting his job taken away from him for using the words "sloppy seconds". You have got to be kidding me. People in this country are becoming bitches to all of this PC bullshit.

The NHL allows FIGHTING! People actually physically assualt each other in the middle of games and get 'suspended' for 5 minutes. Do you not see the hipocrisy in suspending this guy indefinately for making a joke?


Hockey needed the press since football is always on the news for suspending somebody


Fighting is part of the game and it stays on the ice or guys are out of the league pretty quick. Stuff like Avery's comments are perfectly fine on the ice, but off the ice and to the media they mark him as being a classless piece of shit who's bad for the league. I hope he ends up in Russian like Chris Simon, Ray Emory, and the other POS head cases.


Interesting. Everyone is for censorship as long as it happens to someone they don't like. If it happens to someone they do like, then it's, "Death to Political Correctness!!!".


i found his comment rather funny.

Ms. Cuthbert, can I get next?


oh well.


I grew up playing competitive hockey and watching professionals who had class. Sean Avery has got some talent, and most teams like having a guy that gets under their opponents skin - but it has to be on the ice where the fans can't hear what they're saying. I'm all for doing whatever it takes to win. But once the whistle goes, and they're on camera they can't say whatever they want and expect there not to be any consequences.

The team employs them and they expect them to be a good representative of their organization. They should keep him in the AHL until the new year - he has a lot of growing up to do. I don't know how anybody that selfish expects his teammates and the team to have his back when he's being a douche.


I think that this incident is the newest in a long line of comments/demonstrations of behavior that led to him being suspended. I actually don't think it was just this one event that led to the suspension. On the other hand, I can understand why the NHL is doing this.

They are first and foremost a business and are the little brother in the room with MLB, NFL, and the NBA. So when something like this happens, maybe Gary Bettmen realized the magnitude of it and knows that the way it is handled will directly influence the opinion of the casual viewer towards the NHL.


Getting suspended for that may have been slightly harsh but this guy is a clown and the league is better off without him.


I do admit the comment was funny, but it's a locker room comment for the guys.


haha...I can't believe this guy even dated Elisha Cuthbert.


What the hell,a comment about the dude fallingin love with his sloppy seconds is so hurtful and taboo that it gets someone suspended?

what a bunch of pussies, the statement was true the dude is banging his sloppy seconds how us that offensive, if the other guy didnt like the comment then dont hump his left overs.

I guess no one can say anything anymore without someone crying over it.


It was a rehearsed line, in bad taste, and saved for a moment when he knew he would have the greatest exposure. I believe people should be allowed to say wtf they want, but when you're representing your employer, your employer has the right to fire you if you make the employer look bad. Especially when it is deliberate.


I never looked at it that way, I am not all in with hockey so I dont know the guys history but looks like he was an attention whore anyways.


I'm happy about the suspension, because I hate Avery and everything he does. He's an embarassment to the league. They literally had to change a rule overnight because of his douchebaggery. Do I think the comment deserved a suspension? Maybe, maybe not, but it's not the first thing Avery has done