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Has anybody seen or used those Navy Seal PT videos by C.J. Caracci ? I was just wondering if they were good or gave any new or different ideas or if they were good as kind of a “real man cardio”

Matt: I have seen them (and the books). For pure functional strength and cardiovascular fitness…nothing special. A good “Renegade” or Football skills training video will probably give you more.

Now…that being said. You’ve got to keep in mind that “BUDS” training is VERY physical…but it is mostly psychological. What are you preparing for? Let me give you a scenario.

Ever tipped-toed out in the cold to get the newspaper, and ran back in the house “freezing”? Child’s play. Drop the temp about 30 degrees. Have someone drop you 100 feet from a chopper, in the middle of the night, into freezing water, with full Gear and ordinance. Swim to a shoreline, and run up a beach that’s been fully sited, right into the middle of a firefight…oh…and there are landminds scattered throughout this wet, boggy cold sand. You haven’t eaten in hours. The only light is tracer fire and explosions. The objective is paramount…

That’s the kind of person that “BUDS” training is trying to reveal, not one with some bench max or certain run time. Any SEALS “training” video will not reveal that…

(P.S. The above scenario happened in Nicaragua, where a number of SEALS were lost…)

Matt: post your intentions and I can probably help you out.

I am not enlisting or anything like that, I just like to be strong. I lift about 3 times a week on heavy basic exercises, do some occasional jogging and some cardio where I alternate working on a punching dummy with push-ups, sit-ups, chins and freehand squats. I am interested in being as TUFF as possible in EVERY WAY I CAN. Asthetics are not an issue I just want to be functional. I saw that the 4th video in the series is focused on the seal mindset and I wondered if it did a good job with that. I also wondered if the videos were good for motivation and/or pacing for some good tough cardio/GPP.
thanx for all replies