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Sealing Vials or Allternatives


I have several vials with no tops. I want to make an oil solution and then transfer it to the vials. The thing is that they aren't sealed, and I don't have those plastic tops for the vials. Is there I a way I can seal them to stay sterile myself? I also have a bunch of 5ml syringes. I was thinking I could draw oil into one 5ml syringe, put the filter on, then put another syringe on the other side of the filter, and transfer the solution that way. Has anyone tried this? I don't want to mess up and waste a bunch of money.


And why can't you just buy tops and a crimper? Wherever you got the vials, they probably sell those too. Sounds simpler than what you describe.




Because I want to start now instead of waiting to have more stuff shipped, and I already have vials and 5ml syringes. I'll probably just buy some presealed vials, but after shipping and a sonicator and everything, homebrew is not really cheaper.

I don't see why my reasons matter, I'm wondering if I can put the oil in 5mL syringes, or if the oil will leak out over time. Or, if I can just cover the vials with tin foil, although that doesnt seem very sterile at all.


Homebrew isn't cheaper? Lol, wut?


There's nothing wrong with injecting straight into the syringe as you describe. I have done it many times. Not to build up a stockpile of filled syringes (which also would be fine) but when I did not feel like filtering an entire batch at one time.


After buying all the stuff, and buying unecessary stuff, like BA and BB, because of a lack of knoweldge, it is more expensive than just buying it. But, later extractions will be cheap. There are other benefits to homebrew also, like knowing exactly what's in the gear.

Also, thanks Bill. I didn't want to do an entire extraction only to end up with a bunch of oil everywhere. The only other thing is that if load it into 5ml syringes, I'll need to then get the oil into slin pins. Is there a simple way to do that? If not, I have some 25g needles I can put on the 5mls.


Sure: just backload into the insulin monojects (combined syringe/needle.)

Meaning, remove the plunger and put the oil in from the top from the needle of the larger syringe.