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Se7en for Men?


I have a bottle of Se7en that my wife decided she doesn't want to take...

Are there any benefits and or side affects for me to take it?

I would like not to waste it, but also don't want to have any negative side affects either

Any insight and advice would be great!


Hi there, the formula found in Se7en was first produced as a muscle-building product for males. So you won't experience any negative side effects.

Females tend to respond to it very quickly, but, as a male, you'll certainly be able to see and feel the benefits of a leaner, harder physique!

Enjoy your new supplement!



same deal as OP except i have a bottle of Fahrenheit. does the same apply? ok to take?


You bet, MAF.

Fahrenheit is an effective fat-burner for females, but there's no harm in taking it if you're a male, and you can certainly benefit from the formula.


thanks. looked up the compuounds butjust wanted to make sure.