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Se7en And Other Products

I was wondering if there were any women who ordered the new product… would like your feedback.

As well, I’m from canada and recently went to the states and was hoping to get some Biotest products that are not sold here in canada…like everything…Surge cheaper in the states, HOT-ROX and HOT-ROX extreme etc. Found…only one bottle of HOT-ROX which I bought.

Just wanted to know where I can possibly buy these products in the states, what stores, I know I can order them online but they might get snagged at customs so… need help finding them in the states, preferably close to burlington, platsburgh etc.


Most of the products sold through T-Nation are not sold in stores.

If they were available in stores, they would have to be significantly more expensive.

As it is, we’ve cut out the middleman and the additional cost of selling through distributors for the benefit of T-Nation members.

If this can be of any help, I ordered a few products and you add 60% (when you factor the shipping & customs cost) to the price listed on this site to get what it will cost you in Can$. (ex. Carbolin 19 costs 30$ US, it will cost 48$ CAN)

In the end, it stills cost a lot less than on canadian websites (normally found @63$CAN)