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Se7en and Men?

So Se7en looks like pretty good stuff, for men. I understand marketing to women to widen market share but wouldn’t that stuff be good for guys too?

Am I missing something? Is there another product containing the same formula marketed to men?

Shugs always suggests Se7en for men if you can’t handle something like HOT-ROX

Thanks. I did like the original HOT-ROX, HOT-ROX Extreme makes me barf.

Just making sure I wasn’t missing some gender specific biological connection.


Your in the clear :stuck_out_tongue:

HOT-ROX Extreme at first made me super sick, but after 3-4 days of gradually increasing the dose I was fine. Not sure if it was my crappy diet or the supp itself since I was starting the V-Diet. Nowadays I miss that thermogenic feeling!

Yeah, KC, I took the full dose right away. Then if I smelled it I got super stomach sick. It’s been some years though, I may try it again and follow dosing directions this time. I did like the original.

Overstand… WHAT BOX???