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SDN Rogue Anyone?

A friend of my told me that he gained about 12 Lbs by using a product called Science defined nutrition Rogue,did some Google and there are reviews stating its true but people on bb.com say its poison or tainted has anyone tried it or heard about it here or used it in real ?

I ran 2 bottles of the “first” formula. They have since come out with 2 other, much weaker versions.

The original formula, I took about 6 months ago and gained 17lbs in 20 days. Highly unbelievable so we had it tested. Came back clean, 3 times…

I got a hold of the original bottle again and just finished it a week ago. went from 203 to 232 in 20 days, 6,000 cals per day, no cardio, 6 days of weight training.

The newer formulas suck so don’t waste your money.