SDI Labs = The Sleaziest Supplement Company Ever?

There was a post over at the steroid side of the forum asking about sdi-labs and the “steroids” they sell. This pisses me off to no end. SDI-labs is a supplement company that using misspellings of steroid names for the their crappy, low quality oral andro products. They even put pictures of animals on some of their crap so people will think they’re buying vet products.

Their “D-Bol” is nothing but andro! Their “Winny” is andro and caffeine! Then they have the nerve to charge $80 a bottle for out of date oral andro! God damn supplement companies like this get me stirred up! But those who think they’re getting real gear are to blame too for not reading the fine print and being gullible.

Everyone, especially newbies, read TC and Chris’s “Dirty Tricks” article at T-mag. Here’s the link: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

No, Impact Nutrition is the sleaziest, with Syntrax coming in a close second, maybe a tie given recent events. SDI is maybe third.