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HEY GUYS I JUST NEED SOME QUICK OPINIONS :slight_smile: have you guys heard of this and is it legit???THANKS ALOT FOR YOUR TIME BOTH ADVISORS AND FORUM EDITORS! i know im sucking up i really want to know about this stuff!! :slight_smile: thanks MATT

I got an email from them too…if you look closely at what theyre really selling, all it is is fucking prohormones with somehting like “winny v” written on it. It might be legit, but the only thing you would be getting is an 80$ bottle of andro

sighs another idiot…look bro…they list the ingredients of each compound right on their site…if you did a search on ANY of the ingredients on T-mag before posting…you would know…they are PROHORMONES!! It is like if Biotest called Androsol “Winstrol V” instead of Androsol…they are not the real mccoy…please dude…use your head…why would someone with real gear just blindly email people??