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SCTV Fan Club (I hope...)

SCTV is, without question, the funniest, most intelligent, most satirical TV show to ever air on television. Although there hasn’t been a new episode in 15 years, the series is enjoying new life on the Comedy Network-apparently earning rave reviews. Any other fans? Bobby Bittman? Sammy Maudlin? Johnny La Rue? Ed Grimley? Floyd Robertson? Earl Camembert? Harry the Guy with the Snake on his face? Edith Prickley? Brock Linehan? Irving Cohen?

The Great White North and Strange Brew. Classics. I never got much into the show though. I’ve always been an SNL man.

I’m a big fan . I love that show it was great . William B. Williams , Mayor Tommy Shanks , Count Floyd , Bill Neddle . Among their best were Maudlin’s Eleven and The Days Of The Week .

Hello, Brother!! Maudlins Eleven is an absolute classic- and a real rare find. While other classic episodes like Towering Inferno (Flaherty as Charlton Heston - “Damn!!”) get more than their fair share of air time, Maudlins Eleven was only an occasional treat. Moranis as Skip Bittman steals that one for me (“Must be something big- could be a heist”). Days of the Week? Forget about it!! Is there anything funnier than Dr. Wainwright trying to poison Rocco in jail? (“Its green stuff! Just eat it!”). My all time fave could be Black like Vic, or Quarantine (with Fred Willard) or Jerry Louis on the Champs d’?lysses.

As for the comparisons to SNL…eeesh, thats a sore spot. Kinda like comparing apples and oranges. SNL was (is) sketch & improv- quite funny at times, although a tad obvious. SCTV was far more subtle. (IE- Strange Brew’s basic plot is actually based upon Shakespeare’s Richard III. I’m dead serious). BTW- ever see SCTV’s parody of SNL called Thursday Night Live? Earl Camembert as the host, in all the sketches- “I hope there’s lots for dinner tonight honey, as I’M REALLY STONED!!” (cue audience laugh track). Genius!