Scrutinize me!

My friend Dre, dear contemptuous ignorant, closedmindedness is a wasteful thing. Materialism is, a wasteful thing. Old age is, a wasteful thing, and obstinacy usually accompanies old age like an old friend. My friend, my whole body is by no means lagging. My bf usually revolves around 4-5 %; that speaks for itself. Perhaps it’s a decrepit, envious croney like you that claims to have knowledge; shit, you and all others here eat spoon-fed knowledge like a glutton, and you don’t even look up to see who’se feeding you. My point, credulous child, imaginative zealot, is that you…have to take creatine…have to take glutamine…have to buy protein drinks…havce to supplement yourself with andro…have to have just that right mix of casein and whey to get the desired reaction…STOP the flooding, Jesus take me from my place and STOP. Everything you see and touch is designed to fuck you over, and you, Dr. Dre, you were designed to fuck over the progress of others. I’m just a simple youth with two geniuses of parents, and I work out almost every day, and before every workout I have some Power Drive ™ and after I have some Surge ™ and after that I go and buy myself some Starbucks. Your muscle is empty.

Whopper, I’m sorry, but I have tried to intermix the pull-up with the bench press, and my poundages are always less in the bench press when I put pull-ups ahead, and my pull-up failure max also diminishes when the order is reversed. I checked on various anatomy charts, and since the pull-up is a compound movement, these are the muscles that are hit during the rep: biceps, brachialis, latissimus dorsi (obviously), trapezius, Teres major and minor, Rhomboids, Deltoids, TRICEPS, forearm, abdominals. I don’t intend to insult anyone, but words flow like tears, and some may even pierce. I actually do feel a pump in my tris when doing pull-ups; I’ve seen the way that my brother’s guns swelled up after a hard-fought set of wide-grip pull-ups, and I know what it does. Think logically, in order to transfer the force to the back, the arms MUST be involved, since they are the medium through which the pull occurs. And Prof X, I respected you for your shrewd words urging everyone to eat like crazy, but I cannot condone the fact that you are a proponent of pressdowns. This movement is…useless. I don’t like bodybuilding; its kinda like women who become excessively infatuated with with trend that they lose sight of WHY they wipped on the make-up in the first place (to delude men into thinking they have clear skin. whatever…)Goodbye Blue Sky. Prove me wrong.

aaahhhh YOUTH! Leo G my impetuous youngster, you must learn. So you have 5% bodyfat…whoopeeee!! If you look like a skinny bastard, who cares! I am around 10% bodyfat,use creatine, Nandro, tribex, ZMA, and protein powder. I am also 6’5" 250 and have black belts in various styles of martial arts…does that make my muscle “empty”? Come down to my Dojang and lets find out! Now before I flare everything completely out of proportion, and get nasty, let me put this calmly. You are young and cocky…great…we all were once. You may be geneticly gifted…great…many of us are not. You claim this genius intelligence, and use lots of ten-cent words…great, you have high intelligence and a good vocabulary. However YOU posted looking for advice on gaining size. If you know so much, and are so geneticly gifted…why are you posting and asking us mere mortals? Dre offered constructive criticism, and you turned this personal…that is NOT great. To personally attack someone for negative reasons, especially at your age, shows your immaturity. Personal attacks to motivate someone…they are fair game, and I have done it many times…you need to realize that there are many different types of people out there, with many gifts and talents…for you to feel superior to Dre shows your foolishness. There is nothing wrong with confidence, however your obvious feelings of superiority are a glaring sign of your immaturity. I am certain you will have some nasty reply to this, however all I ask is that you think about what I said here.

Leo, I’m not going to atack you personally, I believe that to be neither productive nor relevant. I would first like to say that you ae young and have great genetics, I am young and have decent genetics. That and 75 cents could get us a cup of coffee. So I think it would be best if you toughen up a bit first and accept the constructive criticism as what it is: Help.Oh and your explanation of the chin-up weakening your bench press and vice versa. Yes there is an explanation for that. It is not the one you give however. The triceps are involved in a pullup, but the involvement is so minimal,that it can’t even be imagined that pull ups are a tricep exercise. The reason your bench suffers after chins is that your lats are fatigued. Before you tell me that benching is a delt, pec, and tri exercise, remember that the lats fire the bar off your chest . They are your first push. Once they are fatigued from a difficult lat exercise such as pull ups, your bench is sure to suffer. Don’t forget also, that both exercises are heavy compound upper body movements, your energy reserve will be lower after performing one or the other, along with ATP stores. No need for arguing, just a little homework thats all. Later, Mike