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Scrotal Cream Worse On Hair Than Injections?

I’ve been on the compounded testosterone cream (applied to scrotum) for several months with great results. I’ve read that the scrotal cream causes higher levels of DHT compared to injections, which helps libido but could negatively affect hair. I’ve felt great so far on the cream… my only concern is I feel like my hairline may be starting to recede a little bit. It’s minor so far… so minor that my wife says she can’t tell a difference, but if it continues to get worse then I’m nervous it will be hard to fix. I’ve always had very thick hair and it runs in my family, so I don’t think I’m genetically predisposed to hair loss.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that most of the scrotal test cream advocates (YouTube, my local doc, etc) are all bald. This could obviously just be a coincidence, but I’m curious to hear from others on this forum.

Does anyone here use the scrotal cream and how has it affected your hair?

Thanks for the input!

If you aren’t genetically predisposed to it and aren’t even sure it’s changing I would try not to concentrate on it for a bit and see if it actually gets any worse. It’s easy to think something like that is happening when you’re looking for it to happen because you know it’s a possible side effect

Yeah, I think this is good advice. I’m probably just being paranoid. Still interested in hearing from any others who use the compounded cream.