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Scrotal Cream Users - Any Prostate Issues?

I’ve heard some had a higher libido on cream while noticing more muscle gains on injections, no reason why you can’t have the best of both worlds. You can get lower dose creams to use in conjunction with injections.

Hair versus libido, I think I’ll chose libido every day of the week. I say this knowing I would not look good bald.

I am on shots now and did not notice a significant change in libido, but has never been an issue for me. I was already losing my hair before TRT and have shaved my head for the last 15 years. Did my hair loss speed up? Cannot say for sure. I want to say it did to a degree but I cannot say for sure though as TRT seemed to also push me into subclinical hypothyroidism. That can also increase hair loss.

At the same time if you don’t have it in your genetics to lose your hair the more DHT will not affect you. If you do have it in your cards to lose your hair than it may speed it up but your going to lose it eventually anyways.

Compounded creams on the scrotum are typically absorbed very well with less aromatization and do increase DHT to super physiological levels.

I’ve been on cream only for 3.5 months (switched from pellets) and am switching to injections +low dose cream, just waiting on meds to be delivered.

Positives of cream:

Easy to apply and titirate dosage, quickly absorbed, less aromatization, generally very good for libido due to DHT increases.


Have to apply 1-2 times a day, must time around showers, sweating, sex, etc to get full absorption and no transference issues. Super physiological levels of DHT will increase hair loss in those predisposed to it. Also, conflicting studies on very high DHT and prostate issues, BPH, CVD, etc. One observational study I found suggested mid levels of DHT are associated with reduced risk of CVD compared to low or high levels.

Why I’m switching from cream only:

I’ve been on 100mg a day which give me 7-800 TT at peak and FT at 75% from
top of the range. For reference, I was at 1300TT on pellets. On cream, I’ve experienced significant heart palpations when lifting between sets as my heart rate comes down. It did not happen on 50mg of cream but that dose was too low for me. I do not believe it’s due to high levels as they were much higher on pellets and I did not have palpitations. Additionally, I’ve had increased irritability on the cream and tend to get pretty red faced when lifting, BP and hematocrit are not issues. Also don’t have the joint pain relief I had on pellets, I’m a low aromatizer with mid-high SHGB and need more estrogen. I’ve switched docs and he believes the sides are related to excess DHT so we are going to try 100mg test C a week (split) and 50mg of cream daily to start and go from there.

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Do you experience increased aggression or anxiety with the super physiological levels of DHT?

I’ve heard many such reports. For a guy like me that has some anger issues this seems an important point to consider

On that aspect I noticed no difference with high DHT

Im or Subq?

I wouldn’t call it aggression but I’m definitely more easily annoyed/frustrated. I have a 6 year old who likes to try everyone’s patience and find myself less able to deal with her calmly at times. Also had trouble sleeping when I was splitting dose morn/evening, sleep better when I do it all in the morning.

I didn’t have any anxiety fortunately but could see it happening on a higher dose. I actually had anxiety on pellets initially but I think that was more due to the rapid rise of my T tripling than the delivery method. What’s really nice about the cream is if you have any negative sides you can just stop or adjust and it’s out of your system in a day or so.

Subq along with HCG, which I’ve never tried. Doc is big on HCG and backfilling pathways with preg, DHEA, etc. Said almost all of his patients do better with HCG added, I know that’s not the norm around here.

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Dhea and preg are made from cholesterol. Why would trt affect this. Ik trt can supress adrenals. So if you have true adrenal fatigue than you would need to supplement cortisol too which no one talks about.

I tried HCG when after a few months in trt and did not like the feeling After 2-3 injections. I can retry but an not convinced it’s necessary

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I believe low estrogen can cause it :slight_smile: I’ll have tk look , but I had prostate symptoms when I was low t and low e.

how do you know TRT is what caused this?

I have a question that my girlfriend brought up to me. Before I had TRT problems I was able to ejaculate during sex and then I could keep going to ejaculate again for the second time. Im only 31 and this went away at 28yr old. Does anyone else have this problem from testosterone issues? If I want to go a second round it has to be at least a hour later and I don’t know why this is happening

Also I have been struggling for the longest with my sensitivity the skin sensitivity has drastically changed down there. Some how I need tog get my sensitivity back. Anyone have any ideas of what labs that I mite need to run to look further into these two problems that I just mentioned?

I dont, but my labs got worse after starting. I have heard before that if thyroid was compromised prior, trt can exacerbate it. May be bro science but tsh doubled from the first time I had it checked.

I have been on cream for a couple months… Lets just say that applying it to the scrotum is a quick delivery method. I am a hyper responder to test and I have been on injections before the cream… I have the same issues with sensitivity. Moment to moment it seems to change… Some mornings I wake up and it feels great and I have control but typically I just have to jackhammer for about 5 consistent minutes without any real great feelings and then all of a sudden orgasm hits… Its not very great! I wish I could go back to 2 pumps and a dump but those days are gone…
As far as strength of the cream goes I apply 1-click in the am and thats it. Its 50mg per click and that has me way over super physiological numbers all day! I definitely have room for improvement in consistency of sexual function. I do feel great for 1/2 the day but then I start feeling off around 3pm. No libido at night just after application in the AM but then it spikes something E2/DHT and I can’t keep a erection or orgasm until after 6+ hrs…

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