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Scrotal Cream for Low SHBG Guys?

For the guys who have labs on both . Does your SHBG tend to differ with injectable and Scrotal cream ?

My SHBG goes from mid 20s to low teens on ANY dose or frequency of Test cyp .

I was wondering if Cream is different ?

Please let me know I am desperate.

I can’t give you my personal experience because I’ve never tried scrotal T cream, but a study done on scrotal tostran showed no change in SHBG values in 113 patients. If you think about daily cypionate injections produces almost static hormone levels, the scrotal creams produce big rapid spikes in hormone levels, unlike the long and gradual peaks you see with cypionate.

I think the rapid acting tropicals have a better chance at not affecting SHBG values quite like cypionate does, this linked study below makes my point for me. If twice daily dosing fails, don’t lose hope, a low SHBG guy on another forum reported he was almost ready to give up on TRT, but wanted to try applying the cream once daily, it worked beautifully.

### Scrotal tostran (ST)

Unlike testogel which is irritant when applied to the thin skin of the scrotum, Tostran 2% testosterone gel (Prostrakan, 113 patients, 118 treatment years) can be safely applied in that region as one or two 10 mg pump applications once or twice daily and gave good symptom relief. As absorption of the gel was rapid, blood samples taken usually 1–2 h after application showed levels well up in the physiological range or briefly higher. Though the SHBG was unchanged, this gave significantly increased cFT and estrogen levels, with suppression of LH and FSH.