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Scrotal Cream for High SHBG Guys?

Hi everyone, I’m thinking of giving the scrotal cream a try after almost a year of injections and varying success. I’m wondering if there are any high shbg guys like myself that have tried the cream and what has been your experience?

My shbg pre-trt was between 55-70. On trt it’s between 35-45.

I used it for a couple of months. 20% cream from Empower. It got my levels pretty high. 3 clicks a day had me at 1500+ (max for the test I did) and 39 free T

Haha, high shbg. Mine was 151, went down to 90’ish while on cream. I felt better on cream than I did before TRT but I think in hindsight my dose was too high. Towards the end I tried using it on the back of my knees and felt better. I eventually switched back to injections out of concern of transference to my wife (her T levels came back really high on some bloodwork around then) and feel better now on ~200mg a week than I did on cream.

I may have just needed more time on cream, I’m not sure. Maybe it was too much DHT for meThere were weeks when I felt great on it but from what I remember those happened about 7-8 weeks in and died off around 10-12 and I was kind of in between the rest of the time.

Some people love the extra DHT from cream, some to not love it so much… there are some very individual experiences with it. I’d say give it a try if you’re curious about it and see what happens.

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What is your free T now on 200 mg?

I haven’t re-tested since switching back, so I’m not actually sure. I “feel” like it’s a little lower but obviously that’s super subjective

Most men, especially those with high SHBG usually don’t do well on the test cream.
The reason is that there is a much higher rate of conversion to both DHT and Estradiol. Often times, SHBG actually gets even higher in these individuals because of the excess Estradiol being produced.

Your current SHBG on TRT is normal. What is your test dosage and frequency? Have you tested thyroid and cortisol? If these are low, TRT will not work for you.

I’ve heard conflicting reports though of people saying that the cream causes less estrogen conversion and that the DHT increase actually lowers SHBG. I believe @enackers has made these claims?

Yes, my SHBG is not super high, but I still have trouble getting free T up. My SHBG must be super sticky. At 140mg a week I have trouble getting free T past 20. I’m currently on 160mg a week and haven’t had my levels tested yet at this dose, but I don’t feel any better. I’m on T3 due to high RT3. Ive had two 4 point cortisol tests done last fall and one appeared low on 3 points, the other appeared normal with one point borderline low. Hydrocortisone sort of scares me, but I’d be willing to give it a shot.

Cream converts more to dht. Estrogen doesn’t spike as much, but it is a no matter to me and I wouldn’t worry about estrogen if it’s not low.

I never said dht lowers SHBG. Men who are on TRT will experience their SHBG drops after starting. Don’t touch SHBG. Simply dose until symptoms resolve. People who have low SHBG die faster. Higher SHBG live longer. Why? Watch Danny Bossa a latest videos with Serrano and Chavez.

140-160 blah. Get in cream if it’s not working.

T3 with defy? My woman was not able to see my doc and chose defy. Kinda annoyed by the way they help folks. They wanted to give her one 5mcg cytomel a day. I told the doctor “this has an extremely short half life. Shouldn’t she take it 3 times a day 4-5 hours apart”. Without a thought he said yes and prescribed it.

Am I the doctor or are you is what I wanted to ask him. This is nonsense and I hope you aren’t doing the same one a day cytomel.

She takes 2 x 5mcg am and 1 lunch time and 1 pm. She even breaks her pill open and swallows the powder because cytomel should not be slow release. It is supposed to release now and give the body what it needs. The body will use it as needed.

I say all of that so you can understand why cytomel needs to be taken Often and you need to increase The dose is it’s not helping. Actually I would take 10mcg in am , 5 midday about 5 hours later and do that for a week.

She noticed it was working within 2 days. 5mcg didn’t work. She took 10 and immediateLy realized it was working. So don’t be waiting around for it to work.

At the same time get feee t above 20 and switch to cream.

Don’t screw with the other shit bro :slight_smile:

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