Scrolling Sucks

Forums are slow on desktops. The scrolling vs pages, especially in threads causes a continuous loading similar to having to many images/gifs. The farther down you scroll the worse it gets.

Once you get to the bottom it is hard to navigate back up as the scroller rarely shows up.

Many of the “updates” have made the whole interface worse.

Hmm. Interesting. I’m on a desktop, and I haven’t noticed any of these issues.

Are there particular threads that this happens on (long threads, image heavy, etc)? Also, what browser are you using, and is it up to date?

you don’t have this bar show up?

Not immediately on desktops. It takes a while to show up, especially if I skip to the bottom. Like I said it is similar to trying to load a thread with a lot of images. Threads are essentially one long post.

This happened to me also, after it was working normally forever. I assumed I had screwed up a setting or something. After about a week, I was messing around and clicked on the circle in the lower right side of the screen (with the little dude in it) and clicked the “Rest Settings” button at the top. It seems to have fixed the issue, at least for now. Sometimes that circle is red, sometimes it’s blue. I don’t know what that means.

@Mod_Phoenix im having an issue scrolling as well. The page constantly almost reloads. I can’t scroll up or down without it jumping around and going crazy. Can’t use the forum currently

I had problems when I opened the forum over the phone. At the moment, I have no problems with wherever I go.

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Well, dang it. Are you on a desktop or mobile when this happens? Have you tried the other, and if so, do you have the same issues?


Just mobile. I haven’t tried with desk top. As of right now it seems to be doing better