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dude you think you were stupid…
I was standing up in the back up a pick up truck this last summer messing around and being dumb and then the next thing I knew it was 3 days later and I was waking up in a hospital bed.
I had fallen from my friends truck or I guess flew out of it at around 30mph. My other friend riding shot gun said I hit my head first and then rolled a few times. The hellicopter parimedics didn’t even think I was going to make it.
I ended up having no memory of the day and atleast 1 concustion and 2 contutions and a lots of deep road rash.
Well that was July 5th and recovered a long time ago I am way stronger now and have almost now scare except where the staples were in my head.
So dude don’t worry, you can make it through anything. I have a lot of faith in God and really good nutrion. If you don’t have then faith than you better have a little better nutrion I guess.
I don’t know if you want it but, I will pray for your fast and full recovery.

Ok my accident:

Was driving one of our work trucks (45 ton tandem axle dump truck) with two 1000 gallon water tanks in the back. They were both about a quarter full. I was driving down a highway and was slowing down to make a left turn into a town where we were working. Anyway, coming up to the turning lane the light went yellow before i expected it to, so i tried to slow the truck down in a real hurry, missed a gear on the downshift and then decided to run the yellow because the truck wasnt going to stop. If it was empty i would have made it but it had a quarter load of water which shifted up in the tanks as the truck turned and flipped me right on my side in the middle of the highway. It was an older truck and there wasnt really much of a seatbelt. So anyway, i went flying out of my seat, cracked my leg on the inside of the steering wheel as i came out of the seat, caught the shifter in the ribs, the radio bracket on the roof sliced my face open arcoss my right eye (got 15 stiches there alone) then i finally landed on the passenger door of the truck, messed up my shoulder and my wrist and my head went through the windshield. Then i had to climb back up across the cab and out my door which was now way up in the air which was pretty tough. I was out of comission for a pretty good while after that one. Apparently though had i been wearing that quasi-seatbelt thing that the truck did have i would likely be dead because it would have sliced me in half. So i didnt get a ticket for not having it on. Learning experience definetly, and i got some extra respect when i got back to work. So dont worry man, you’ll be good. Oh and i got some sweet pictures of the truck from the newspaper too (the accident closed the highway for a couple hours).

how bout this one…

I was riding out a 70mph stand up on my CBR 954rr last June and set her down cause it got wabbly, then she went into a tank slapper and I immediately went into a ditch. Did cartwheels through a field and somehow missed trees, hit a culdasac, flew over a driveway and finally came to rest. The first thing I saw was my forearm bent the wrong way…and my leg felt the same pain, but good thing I didn’t look at it cause the bones came right through my shin…in all I broke 8 bones, had 123 staples, all on the left side of my body. Cracked my spleen and had lacerations on my head from the impact…helmet saved my life.

At the time of the accident I was in the best shape of my life…190lbs lean and mean. So right now I’m a big 230 just beginng a cutting cycle and I can bench more than ever before in my life! With plates in my arm!

But stay positive man things happen for a reason and soon enough you’ll find out what it was, and what you’re gonna do with it.