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Screwed up Shoulder

I’ve been having shoulder problems for two months now. I’ve been getting massive pain everytime i do my chest exercises, but shoulder workouts are no problem. So I see a therapist yesterday, and he tells me I have a pinched ulna nerve and my bersa(sp?) sac is inflamed. If that’s not bad enough, he tells me I shouldn’t really be doing any chest exercises for three weeks!!! What the hell do I? The pain is horrible, even on anti-inflammitories, but I don’t want my chest to shrink. Any ideas on exercises I can do that won’t kill me? Thanks guys!!!

hey man i got the same problem. When i do bench or pec dec i get a feeling like a knife being jammed in my shoulder area, but shoulder workout there is nothing?? I had x-rays done, and saw a specialist and he said that i have an impingment (not spelt right) basically a rubbing because i have packed to much meat on my shoulders. He said to just not do shoulders anymore. This pissed the shit out of he because he look at the x-rays for a minute, poked me a couple of time and rotated my arms to check for pain. After yelling at him for 10 mins he agreed to do an ultra-sound to get a better look at it, but i have to wait about a month or so. Chrio & messauge therapist say they can feel scar tissue in there but the specialist said nothing of this. So after this long ass story my advise is to get more than on view of it. I am going to see another doc over the x-mas break, and will try to get to 1 or 2 walk-in clinic’s to see if anyone can help me out. The recommendation of not using it is pretty bad i think, just an answer to replace i don’t know. Hopeflly some one on the board can give use some in sight!