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Screwed Up Shoulder Blades...

hey, i was looking for some advice from folks here-hopefully someone will know what’s going on with me and how i can correct it.

lately it feels like my scapula are rotating up, and i have to force them back down. i know i have some strength imbalances in my chest and have been trying to correct it. however, i haven’t been doing any external rotations, which i am going to add.

i generally lift upperbody 2-3 times a week, and run and do leg calisthenics, abs and low back 2-3 times a week.

my upperbody routine is as follows (2-4 sets to failure)

Bent Row
Military Press
Alternate DB Curl
Overhead DB Tricep Extension
Wrist Curls

my back has been getting stronger, so i’m a little surprised that this is happening. any thoughts??




I’ve no idea why it would be happening but this article should address it directly.


I found doing it before every upper-body workout for a month really really helped. After that, about once a month-ish if I felt I needed it. You don’t have to go heavy so it won’t wreck your workout.


Both scapulae or just one?


hey, thanks for the link. i think i figured out the problem…the angle on my bentover rows is wrong-i’m pulling it too high, instead of like a lawn mower.

Glad to help.